Reflections 3.0

Hey friends

As you guys know, I have moved away from blogging to focus more on my styling, but for the past few years I have been reflecting on the year that was, and I quite enjoy sharing it with you guys. (read my former reflection post from 2016 or 2015.

Now onto 2017. 2017 was honestly one of THE MOST AMAZING YEARS of my life. BIG CALL… I know.

Peaks of 2017:

  • One of the biggest highlights of 2017 was going to Los Angeles.

A little backstory-  ever since I was little, I was OBSESSED with the city of angels, never had I been there, had no family there, as cliche as this sounds, there was just something about it.

So I achieved my dream of going to LA and LOVING IT! I had the best travel buddies, saw a few celebs, Luka Sabbat, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin just to name a few (read more about it here,

because honestly, i could go on, all day.


  • Going to Toronto, Utah and New York – I had been to Toronto and NY about 6 years before and was soo different, I was more of a hippy than into fashion, so it was fascinating going back and being so different, it was also amazing seeing my family.
  • Styling wise – I feel like I really know my style now. I was fortunate to work with all the agencies in Perth and then including to work with agency IMG/WME which has always been a dream of mine
  • Met some fantastic creatives/ store owners/ designers that I now call friends, which makes me feel very lucky and blessed.
  • Work with a talented photographer from Melbourne, who has taught me about the Melb industry.
  • Got a puppy, which has completely stolen my black, dark heart.
  • Learnt a lot about myself,  my styling and people.

Plans for 2018:

  • put those lessons into place
  • continue doing what I love.

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