I wasn’t going to write about my trip to LA but I felt I had too, given I was spamming the shit out of my social media (sorry Facebook and instagram friends) I got A LOT of support, messages from friends saying how fun my trip looked and how happy they are for me, which really made me smile as this was MY DREAM TRIP. For as long as I can remember I was OBSESSED with Los Angeles, having never been there it seemed quite strange I would always say “LA Vibes” or say I want to move there even if I hadn’t been there…

A few months ago I decided to bite the bullet or whatever that saying is and book my tickets. I was always so scared and made up excuses that I didn’t have enough money or none of my friends want to come with me or what about if I didn’t like it?

Anyways as a treat for doing so many photo-shoots and loosing 30 kgs I thought I would treat myself and go and it lived up to everything I expected!


Who did I go with?

This may seem strange to some but I actually went with two girls from Perth, I had known the one girl for a few months and only met the other girl once. Now that may seem very strange to some but it worked out and we all got on well!



Where did we stay?

 I am a firm believer of you “pay for what you get”. This trip as it was my dream trip; we decided to stay in Beverly Hills (which if you are from Perth is the equivalent to Applecross) we stayed in this gorgeous Air BNB, which I find better then a hotel.


The apartment we stayed at was quite central and was huge, so if we needed down time, we had it…



What did we do?


Day 1:

I was the first to arrive out of the 3, and my amazing Air BNB host picked me up from the airport. I got to the gorgeous Air Bnb and tried to be a “local” and go get some coffee… turns out I bought the wrong type of coffee and didn’t end up using it.

Later, my friend Ari arrived and we went for a walk around Rodeo.


Day 2:

One of my fave designers, Daniel Patrick was having a pop up sale in DTLA so I dragged my friend there, not realizing how dodge it was. Nope we weren’t in the cool part of DTLA but more near skid Rowe and were early for the pop up store #lolkeenos

Anyways we literally just sat outside the pop up store because that was probably the safest option, which turned out to be great because I met Daniel!!


Day 3:

Hannah, our other travel buddy had arrived and we spent the morning at Warner Bro Studio…


Then we went to SUR… (Owned by one of my fave housewives, Lisa Van Der Pump)


Day 4:

That morning we did Runyon Canyon, which was not as bad as I thought, huge props to Hannah and Ari who are super fit for having my back the whole walk.


After Runyon we needed some nosh and headed to Laguna Beach, hoping to find Lauren Conrad….



Day 5:

In the morning we did the super touristy things that you do in WEHO AND Melrose, such as go to Alfred’s Coffee, get a photo by the Pink wall and made in La wall etc.


Then we headed to NOBU in Malibu, which was kind of huge for me, given I am obsessed with the Kardashians and know that’s their hang out, even bae (Drake) quotes “Out at Nobu in Malibu “ in one of his songs.


It most certainly lived up to its expectations… the view, the food, and the service stunning


And then guess who shows up… TYGA



Who was most certainty waiting for the rest of the Kardashian Crew because I saw on some instagram accounts they showed up later!


Day 6:

Our friend, Hannah unfortunately had to leave, leaving me and Ari, so we decided to have a chilled day, head back to Melrose, I was looking for Yeezys, then we headed to the Staples center to get Ari’s stuff for the LA Marathon then headed to Fred Segal for lunch, which was a lot less snobbier than I expected AND we say Kendall Jenner, Luka Sabbat and Hailey Baldwin!


After a few hours of hyperventilating, we then went to a fashion show as apart of LA FASHION WEEK, huge thank you to my director, LA Fashion Magazine (which I contribute for) for the tickets.


Day 7 and 8

We did quite a lot the past week so decided to have some chilled morning and basically do some shopping but on day 7, we went to another restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump, which was amazing…

Then on day 8 to celebrate our last night in LA and Ari completing the LA Marathon, we decided to go to Catch, which I would say is similar to Nobu but not as well known, unless you are a celebrity or publicist.

The food was amazing, service was amazing, we sat next to some basketball player, saw Curtis stone and spoke to a paparazzi, so I had a great night 🙂


If I went back to LA, which I d will be, I think I will mostly spend time in Silver lake, West Hollywood and Melrose.




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