Book Review: Cinderella’s Secrets

I have always loved Cinderella. I always love stories about the “underdog” and how they grow and achieve great things!

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This book, Cinderella’s Secrets is slightly more intense than the original. It’s intense but real which is what I like. The Author George Helou still stuck to the basics of the original with the evil sisters and the step mother but Helou also beautiful delved into issues of why Ella’s father passed away.

A line that really stood out for with me was “He had been soo busy his entire life trying to provide for everyone, that he neglected himself“. That line is SO REAL and TRUE.

But wait, it gets a whole lot more real! After Ella’s dads passing, the once very confident and happy Ella goes into a complete state of depression and self-doubt but still had some hope in her.

“When a heart is broken, it can affect how one relates to everything.Our deep sadness can repel the light and leave us to struggle into the darkness.”

I most definitely resonated with the character of Ella. Not because I was once a princess and then my evil stepsisters locked me up but because ( and some of you who know me can agree) for most of my life I have dealt with most mental issues Ella deals with, not depression but anxiety, self-doubt and people pleasing.

Which is why the timing of this book arriving to me was actually perfect! I havent told many people this but as some of you know this year I started styling this year, I have done quite well but having anxeity and soo much self doubt does not really help. A few weeks ago I was thinking about stopping styling because my self doubt kicked in, I wasnt good enough or wasnt pretty enough or I didnt have the right contacts, but much like Ella I still have some hope inside me (these hope being affirmations that help me turn negatives into positives .

In Chapter “Looking for a Princess” there was a paragraph where Ella was trying on her dress and the self doubt and negetive thoghts kicked in. she was second guessing herself.I actually laughed out loud when reading this because I DO THAT ALL THE TIME! Whenever I have a shoot and source outfits, I always second guess myself or thinkthe poeple i work with will, they could work with better stylists, more well known or more talented.

Let me tell you, self doubt and being negative is not fun, sometimes you just need someone to remind you or open your eyes for you. In chapter “The Magic Within” Ella’s Fairy Godmother approaches and gives her some wisdom “Hasnt it become obvious that not beleiving in yourself and not prioristiing your values has meant you have become your own worst enemy. Do you know that only through having self love can be equipped with self worth and be empowered to live your dreams?” SO TRUE RIGHT!

Self love is something I most definatley have struggled with my whole life.I have written a blog post in the past on how I have become more confident and started loving myself more but I guess i need to still work on that!

If you know someone who has been doing through some self doubt issues or just want a good book to read, head to to get a copy.





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