Interview with Heidi Anderson

I have always really admired Heidi Anderson. If you don’t know who she is, well shame on you because she is beyond inspirational. She was on Big Brother in 2013 and is now hosting the Breakfast show in Perth.


What I love most about Heidi is, she is true to herself.I also really respect how vulnerable she is (in a good way, because sometimes people may see it as a bad thing)talking about huge topics that are extremely personal such as Body Image and  Anxiety. Also, both topics that I can most definitely relate too and I just had to interview her!

When did you start radio?

2010, I  went to Australian Film TV ,Radio school and then moved from Warrnambool to Bunbury to Newcastle to here.

Who, so far has been the most famous person you have interviewed?

Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto & my heartthrob Robbie Williams 

What is a day in the life of Heidi Anderson?

  • Wake up 4.15 read online papers 
  • 4.45 get to work / coffee / prep some more 
  • 5.15 pre-show meeting 
  • 6 -9 breakfast show! 
  • 9.15 breakfast & more meetings 
  • Afternoon – gym / walks / hang with girls / pt / hang with boyfriend / chill & watch bad tv 
  • After five , dinner & more chill or out and about with work 

I remember hearing your speech on anxiety on the radio; I had to pull over and stop because I truly empathised with what you said soo much so, how do you deal with your anxiety now and do you have tips?

A big thing for me was accepting I had it & opening up about it. I’m not hiding anything now & people understand me better. I see a psychologist & try yoga & meditation & herbal products. Timeout is a big thing for me.

Onto body image and self-love, what advice would you give someone who has been told they don’t deserve anything or everything they have accomplished because of their weight?

That’s bullshit & whoever told them that is full of it & someone not worth worrying about. What a shallow, small minded thing to say. Is say don’t waste time or energy on that. Rock it babes & embrace & celebrate who you are no matter what you look like 


Being an influencer in the public eye I can imagine you would get some backlash from the haters, how would you deal with it all?

I ignore it. I don’t read any comments on my Perth now column & I ignore & block anything on social media. That took experience & miles in the saddle to get where I am with that. In life, we don’t like everyone & that’s ok. So accept that & move on. Don’t dwell & don’t look into it. I’m surrounded by awesome people, and that’s all that matters. 

In the past you have organised some amazing events that help people overcome their body issues and anxiety, do you have any more events coming up in the future?

Next year some workshops will be held on my website: 

What is your favourite song at the moment?

It’s Unchained Melody from Ghost as my nan had it at her funeral & I keep playing it on repeat 


Make sure you follow Heidi for all her updates on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.


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