Telstra Perth Fashion Festival – Closing Night: The Art of Fashion

I will always remember a few years ago I posted something about an event I attended with the combination of fashion and art and someone commented “Everything is Art” which is kind of true. Art is so abstract that you can take anything from it and make it wearable hence fashion! They go hand in hand.

This year for the closing of Perth Fashion Festival, the closing show was held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Everything about this show was elegant.

Everything about this show was elegant. A live orchestra and opera singer playing while the models elegantly walked down the stairs.

The looks of the night started off quite normal with only a tinge of glitter in the model’s eyebrows and then full on glitter!  ( all directed by the very talented Hendra for Artists of Play.

Example 1: One of the beginning looks:


Example 2: One of the Finale Looks


The designers featured in this show were all West Australian designers:

Jonte DesignsZhivagoOne Fell SwoopSteph AudinoMegan Salmon, 33 Poets, Empire Rose and Ae’lkemi some of the looks were paired with some Reny Kestel pieces to finish the look. Some of the winners from the New Generation were featured as well.

Here are some of my fave looks of the night:

I was slightly obsessed with this look by Elle Campbell. I love the monochrome colours and painting textures to make it look more than just a regular suit.


I was also in love with this tailored jumpsuit by Jonté. It is a beautiful, elegant piece with that edgy vibe, which I think is just soo cool.


I was obsessed with this whole look and super happy that one of my favourite models JD wore these slouch Empire Rose pants and a g string, styled with a Reny Kestel headpiece. It is so artsy and “out there” for some. It most definitely made people look twice and after all isn’t that what fashion and art is about?img_2815

To see more pictures from the night, head to my facebook page.


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