Telstra Perth Fashion Festival – WA Designer Capsule

For this years WA Designer Capsule the designers in involved were House of Skye, Bruug and Natalie Rolt.

The show opened with House of Skye. My inner hippy LOVED this collection! The collection included gorgeous flowy dresses and tops, embroidered jackets and crotched dresses. Absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer.

Next up was Bruug. To be honest I was quite shocked how colourful this collection was. The reason I love Bruug so much is because of the darker colours such as black and grey, this collection however was still monochromatic but also featured some more complementary and triadic colours in this collection. The style of the clothing was also tailored to perfection. Huge fan!

Last up was Natalie Rolt. In the past,Natalie has stuck to a few colours, in this collection however it was all white and feminine. Absolutely perfect for summer.

Now I know where to get my summer clothing!



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