Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards 2016

Hey, friends, it has been quite a while…

I have been so busy working but finally had some time to fill you in on some of the cool stuff I have been doing!

This past weekend I was very fortunate to attend the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards, if you are not sure what exactly it is or have heard of it but still not sure what it is, well …  “The Apex Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts (AATFA) Youth Festival has been an annual event for Apex Australia over the past 26 years. In conjunction with secondary schools throughout Australia, Apex provides students with the opportunity to design, manufacture and model their fashion garments”.

Many talented designers that I so dearly love such as JonteNatalie Rolt and Albert Jalipot have all showcased and one Apex awards.

Albert (pictured below) was one of the judges this year so got to hang out with him for the day which was fun.


A LOT of effort went into this day; I know most of the crew had to bump in from around 7 AM that morning and then there was me rocking up at 0830 complaining I haven’t had enough coffee 😛

Even though the awards were later that night, the judging started that morning so all the contestants arrived early to get their hair and makeup done and then  showcased in front of the judges. Here are some pictures:

As soon as the contestants were “made up” they rushed backstage to line up and be judged. I got a bit distracted by the hair and makeup and missed the judging of the first part which was “Casual wear” but I did manage to capture some behind the scenes images of them being photographed by the professional photographers. The official photographer of the night was Tristan Jud .(if you read my blog regularly you probably have seen his work all over my page, because we work together quite a lot, and his work is excellent so you should check it out! ) Tristan had an assistant for the day, Mark,  who was also nice.If you want to see professional photos probably best head to the Apex Facebook page, I am sure images will be up soon but in the mean time…


I then rushed to the judging room to make sure I would not miss out on the “Formal Wear”. They were all soo beautiful! Here are some pictures:

After that round of judging there was a little break and then came the very cool “Society and Envirnment”. Some of the designers got very created, have a look:

Amazing right! So out of the box! All I can say is thank goodness I was not a judge 😛 soo many decisions. Now the judging was over, everyone got to get a few hours break so we went to grab some lunch and me being me, I HAD to get a picture 😛


The few hours had passed and it was showtime! I always love a show that opens with a song by Beyonce, which was beautifully perfomed by the girls from Metro Modelling Academy caried out by some gorgeous singing  and whilst the singing was happnening they showcased Albert Jalipot latest collections ( both casuual and formal wear) as well as the students designs.

Here are some images I took:

And now for the winners of the night:

Award for Immense support to this event and passion for the arts with high standard dedication: Stephanie Jones

Highest technical score prize for Casual and Formal category: Shiloah Driesen

First and second places winners were selected by judges. They will represent WA at the National finals of Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards, which will be held at the White House institute:

Society and Environment:

Second place: Sage Edwards


First place: Amira


Wearable Art:

Second: Sophie Choker


First Place: Colby


Casual day wear:

Second place: Rachel


First place : Shiloah Driesen


Formal wear:

Second place: Parina


First place: Shiloah Driesen


Cotton Australia for the couture award : Tara


Photographic fashion award: Harriet Davies

Fashion Hairstylist Award: Bree Gregory


Fashion Make up award: Emily Vickers

Young designer of the year award: Shiloah Driessen


Well there you have it, huge congrats to all the winners and contestants, you are all super talented!







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