Five minutes with Zanita Whittington

So technically it was more than 5 minutes because I was waiting for her to reply and vice versa (Mostly me waiting for her to answer, let’s be honest)

Let’s go back a few steps. Zanita is a blogger, photographer, babe and a creative director or her company Zanita Studio. I first fell in love with Zanita and her bubbly personality when she was on Fashion Bloggers. Not only was she gorgeous, but you could also tell she was genuine and pursuing her passion. So I added her on snapchat.

One day she snapped “good to be home” and I noticed it had the chat thing.So I embarrassingly sent her a message asking if she was coming to Perth, she replied so I guess it wasn’t embarrassing and said no, just through the airport, I then asked if I could ask a few more questions and she kindly said yes.

The first question I asked was based on a few things, mainly how people treat people. High profile celebrities, photographers, bloggers, actors and stylists (whatever you are) no matter how successful you get, I think you should be grateful to your fans, the ones who respect you from when you first started because if you start treating them otherwise, they won’t respect you anymore. I have felt that from some people I used to admire, but now they don’t seem as genuine and real as what I admired so I just unfollow them or people have treated me poorly just because I don’t seem like I am on the same status as them. So I asked: You seem so down to earth and I respect how you treat everyone, especially your fans, how do you as a high profile blogger/ personality remain humble? 

Z:  Mmm I can’t really say whether I’m down to earth or not. I’m sure I’ve had my moments.  I think it’s probably coming from Esperance, everyone there is so humble and relaxed. I absolutely despise seeing someone presume themselves better than others and treat them so. It’s one the more uglier traits. Perhaps it’s the fear of becoming that which makes me self-depreciating.

I then thanked her for such a fabulous answer and then asked one last question which was, If she had any advice on still blogging and how to not let people affect you, and how to make it out of a small town.

She replied:


IMG_4957 2

Originally, I was going to be selfish and not share this advice with anyone, but then I realised I would be carrying a trait I dislike, which was keeping things private for no reason.Zanita is a kind and caring, successful woman who shared some fantastic advice. I will forever be grateful for her advice she gave me and if she can stay humble, so can I.

Always keep it real! ❤



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