Perth Hair and Make up Awards

This past weekend I attended the very first Perth Hair and Make-up Awards in Perth. The Perth Hair and Makeup Awards showcase some of Perth’s most talented hairdressers and makeup artists (as you can tell by the name :P)

Even though this event is an awards day, it is also the perfect excuse to have a girls day out! The minute you walked in, there were stands out hairdressers, makeup artists, body art painters waiting to give you a makeover



There were not only beauty stands. While on my way to the backstage area to take some snaps I came across two lovely ladies from Strive and Thrive. I had quite a chat with them (as people who know me, I talk forever). They deal with anxiety, self-love and emotional intelligence through fun workshops. I plan on attending one of them soon so will let you know 🙂


Then I ventured backstage to say Hi to some of the hair, and makeup artists ( fortunately I have worked with some of them and wanted to say Hi and good luck) Backstage is always hectic, so I only managed to take a few snaps.

Talented Jess,  working her magic on that perfect textured look.
The lovely Vignette doing her thang.

I heard Kirsty talking on the mic so quickly ran out to see. Kirsty was announcing the very talented Martha Mak who gave us an inside into what she does and how to be successful. One thing I took from her speech was always to do TFP.She said in her speech how a lot of creatives “who have made it” won’t do TFP anymore because they feel it could ruin their reputation, and she raised the point of how? It is fun, doing something you are passionate about and you always get something out of it and that you always get more experience out of it.Which I thought was very true!

The first runway started, this category was Beauty, here are some snaps:

Model, Indi wearing fave Jonte Designs and Jessica Bratich bag, the hair was by Vignette and make up by Christina
Hair and makeup by Pearlin



These images are from the second category: Avant Garde


Loved this look produced by hairdresser Sarah Rowe and makeup by Vanessa Hull




Amber wearing Jonte, hair by Vignette and makeup by Christina


gorgeous Astrid shining like a diamond by work from Pearlin

After the shows, the very talented Joann Banks spoke and gave some tips and then they announced the finalists.

The runner-up was Pearlin for creating this look


The winners were Christina and Vignette for this look




HUGE HUGE congrats to the winners and everyone involved, you are all so talented. Thank you, Shelley, for inviting me and creating such a fantastic event! You should be proud of yourself!

Cannot wait till next year!


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