Style Aid 2016

Every year in Perth there is a ball called Style Aid which raises awareness for HIV/AIDS and raises funds. This year I decided to attend. I was VERY unsure about attending because balls are usually so formal and formal is not really my thing but I  was then persuaded by some friends and it was for a good cause.

I wasn’t going to write a blog post on it because I wasn’t going as media, this time around, I was just attending but wanted to share my perspective

I started getting ready at 12:30 at my hairdresser Marchesi Coiffeur and then my make up straight after by the talented Yakira from Lulu Glam. They both did an incredible job, here are some snaps:

IMG_4309IMG_4312IMG_4321IMG_4326 2

My makeup had been finished by the perfect time for me to start heading to Crown Casino and start getting ready. I met up with my gorgeous friend The Glam Whisperer. After we got ready, we met some other friends in the lobby, took some snaps and then went down to the ballroom.

On the way down I was having several anxiety attacks 😛 because usually, I wear WAY more casual things. This was my very first time wearing a gown in years, even so, a  Jonte Gown, which made me proud yet nervous. I tried to make it more my style by adding a mesh top underneath to make it more “me”. I think I achieved that, what do you guys think? ( Slightly more revealing than what I usually wear)



I was having a great time until a group of people stood in front of me  AND THEN the photographer had the nerve to flick their hands at me and basically tell me to move out of the way. Look I understand they were doing their job. I was still shocked and disgusted , a) because this photographer was not a well-known photographer at all, I can’t even imagine well-known photographers like Russell James or Adam Katz doing that because they are humble and b) IN SUCH A PUBLIC FORUM, quite a few people saw that my friends partner actually said “Did he just tell you to move and that is so rude”. I kid you not, that did make me quite upset but then it made me laugh because this person must have thought they were on the same level as Kanye West or something.

I have learnt, the best way to deal with people like that is to keep moving forward, which si what I did 🙂 we went to our table and had a fabulous night.

For those of you wondering what Style Aid entails. It entails dance performances, showcasing of some of the best West Australian Designers such as Jonté, Zhivago and Ae’lkemi and some very cool auction items.

Throughout those events ,there was food, alcohol and mingling. I think I had such a great night because I was hanging out with fun good hearted people. At this moment I think I will attend again next year.

Here are some snaps from the night:


IMG_4604IMG_4609 2IMG_4612IMG_4617

Myself and Blogger Darren Kennedy by The Glam Whisperer
Taken by The Glam Whisperer

IMG_4646IMG_4651FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 5







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