Why I started Blogging:

Hi friends

Hope you all had a great weekend. It’s crazy , in a few days it will be my “Blog Anniversary” of writing for 3 years. I guess I am a little sentimental and thought I would write a post on blogging.

Lately , I am not too sure if it has been the full moon ( apparently the full moon makes people do and act crazy) or maybe I am crazy, I feel I have been caught up in it all.

To be COMPLETELY HONEST literally a few days ago, I was rethinking about even blogging anymore. I was getting soo upset about not being invited to things, not getting things yet other people were or thinking I am not worthy enough to hang out with certain people.

I knew it was time to take a step back from it all and think about why I started blogging because I knew it was not about fitting in, getting invited or getting free stuff, even though let’s be honest, that would be nice.

The reason I started blogging :

FullSizeRender 3

As corny as it sounds, I genuinely wanted to inspire people….

Let me share a personal story with you:  ( this is a true story, you cannot make things like this up) When I was in year 8 at school, I used to study drama. There was a press release or advertisement sent to my class about applying for this role to be an extra in Home and Away (or something similar) I remember everyone in my class was soo excited and was going to apply yet my drama teacher had pulled me to the side after class and told me I shouldn’t apply because they type of look they were looking for was “Hollywood Pretty”.

I know it sounds horrible to say that to an overweight girl in year 8 but she did have tears in her eyes saying this to me. To this day, that has stuck with me, I will never be “Hollywood Pretty” but do you know what, neither is Kelly Cutrone, Andre Leon Tally and Leandra Medine and they are all huge influencers in the fashion and media industry. So I thought you know what, if they can succeed, so can I.

That is when I started writing this blog. To share my stories of attempting to make it in the fashion industry. Even if I don’t make it, at least I tried and that is good enough for me because trying is the best thing you can do and you should never give up something you are passionate about.

Looking back at these past three years from blogging I have learnt soo much more about myself. I have become more confident, met some incredible people. Some of my idols have even read my blog and through blogging, I am now a contributor for a magazine in L.A and giving styling workshops to young girls.

THIS ALL CAME FROM FOLLOWING MY DREAMS and BREAKING THE NORMS. I haven’t reached all my goals YET and that is ok because I am pretty happy with what I have achieved and this is all through starting my blog.

Through achieving all of this, I hope it inspires people to follow their dreams and keep doing what they love, even if they are told they won’t succeed.

It is very hard not getting caught up in it all, comparing yourself to others but speaking to some people I have come to the conclusion that it is best to stay humble and keep your feet on the ground. Stay genuine and don’t conform , not everyone needs to like you.

Also some wise words from Will Smith:





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