As some of you know, I had a gastric sleeve, probably because I always talk about it.

I remember meeting up with my dietician pre-surgery and we were going through foods and symptoms and she mentioned I would loose some hair, me thinking , oh it will probably be one or two pieces and I shouldn’t be worried .

Let me tell you it was not one of two pieces… from having thick hair, my hair had gone to very fine hair. She did explain why the loss would happen and that is because once having something drastic like a gastric sleeve done. This is because you are literally losing half of your stomach, losing some of the nutrition and would take a while to grow back because now having half a stomach , you would be only consuming half the amount of nutritious food that is why if you are considering or do have a gastric sleeve, make sure you don’t try cheat the system and think oh well I had a weight loss operation, I can now eat as many sweets as I like, NO! you have to eat more greens, more protein to keep your nutrition up to standards or else that could cause leakage which could cause death, I kid you not.

Naturally , I was devasted because my hair used to be my favourite thing about myself, when I was at my heaviest, my hair still looked good and it gave me that little ounce of confidence.(Terrible Low self-esteem, I know)

Around that time , I was looking for a new hairdresser and had come across Marchesi Coiffeur. I remember the first time I walked in, explained the situation about my hair to David and have never looked back.

The past hairdressers, I have been to , just want to do your hair, and sell you products, with David and his team, they are all about the condition of the hair. I remember once and I was actually so impressed with everything. I wanted to get ombre, but Dave firmly said no because my hair was still damaged and would ruin it more, usually hairdressers would jump on that opportunity and make some more money, they fact that he said that, showed how loyal he was.

Now, this past month (June 2016) I can actually say I have been eating MUCH HEALTHIER  and Dave and his team have been nurturing my hair back to its healthy condition through specific cuts, treatments and no bleach.Thanks to Dave and his team. No more baby hairs, split bits AND I COULD FINALLY HAVE OMBRE AGAIN 😀

here is what it looks like: (excuse the selfie, it’s the only pic of my hair ,I had )


Thanks so much David and team!



    1. It does eventually grow back, through eating nutritiously and taking care of you hair , should be good! Like everything else, just takes time :)The operation is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

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    2. I’m glad to hear it. I’m trying yet another diet before making up my mind. It’s coming off. The question is can I keep it off when the initial stages are over. Fingers crossed for us both! Thanks very much for talking to me.

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