Outfit of the day – Bomber Jacket Love

Hi,  friends 🙂

Hope you are all having a great weekend.  It has been a while since I have posted an #OOTD and thought there is no better time than now 🙂

I have always LOVED Bomber Jackets but have also been so afraid to wear them, mostly because they are puffy and I don’t want to look puffier but a few weeks ago I found this gorgeous, NOT PUFFY Bomber from Boohoo and had to get on that.

The thing about this Bomber is, the material is quite thin, therefore just creating a silhouette for my body, still showing I am wearing a Bomber but also being flattering. I styled my Bomber with a blouse and black jeans from Asos. I am not still quite not sure how I feel about the jeans, I think they are too baggy compared to my Joni Jeans from Topshop.

For people who know me and thinking “but you love baggy clothing,” you are not wrong, but most of my weight loss has been in my legs and want to show that. So will see 🙂

I then decided to wear my Stan Smith sneakers which I am absolutely besotted with. At, first I was a bit weary about getting them because of the shape and thought they may not be flattering but now I wear them wherever I go 🙂

I finished off my look with my Guess Bag I got for my birthday 😀

Here are the snaps, taken by my beautiful friend Sameera from Dynamique Blog, who completely gets my style. One of the reasons I don’t post so many outfit posts are, I hate being in front of the camera,  I can’t pose to save my life and look awkward AF, the only photos I like of myself are basically selfies 😛 but Sameera worked her magic, so here you go 🙂








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