A Few of my Fave Instagram Accounts

Hi friends

If you know me I LOVE social media,I am always on it and the skill I have been most “endorsed” on Linkedin is Social Media 😛 Probably shouldn’t brag about it.

One of my favourite forms of Social Media is Instagram, I just love how you can post a big picture with a caption and that’s all.

I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts with you guys, and you could share with me 🙂

1. Salty Wings

Salty Wings is an accounted founded in West Australia, celebrating our beautiful oceans via mostly drone images.


2. Khloe Kardashian

Ok, she is my favourite Kardashian. What I love about her account is, well her style but also GIRL IS WISE AF.  Whenever she posts a quote, she posts her own little schpeel that goes with it, which I think is so raw and vulnerable and I appreciate it 🙂



3. Coffee N Clothes

because the name says it all.


4. Bustle

because they have hilarious memes 😀


I did have more but they are mostly celebrities, or quote pages , can tell you if you really want to know 🙂

what are some of your favourite pages?

also since we are on the topic, if you do have Instagram, I do too 🙂 mine is Fashion Addicted Panda

looking forward to hearing your fave accounts 🙂






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