5 of my Fave Snapchat Accounts

Hi friends 🙂

hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂

It has been quite a while and I thought I would share some of my favourite snapchat accounts with you all. I think Snapchat may be my new favourite social media platform. I feel like it is the most personal.

I follow quite a few people on snapchat, mostly celebrities and it literally takes me about 40 minutes to watch all my snapchat stories but when watching them it makes me appreciate these celebrities more because you hear them talk or see a day in their life.

As I said I probably follow over 100 people so I had to cut it down to my very top 5 favourite snapchat accounts and here they are :

1. Lauren Curtis – for those of you who don’t know Lauren, she is one of the OG vloggers, known for beauty and has kind of built up an amazing empire. I love her snaps because she always “rants” about important things or atleast I think they are! Just last week she was saying how she loves social media but how social media can also make you depressed because you constantly comparing yourself to others. Which is exactly how I feel!

FullSizeRender 7


2. Jen Atkin is also another one of my faves.Some of you may have no idea who she is but he is the ultimate hair stylist for guess who… THE KARDASHIANS :P. I will be honest that is originally why I followed her but she is actually hilarious and has other clients and always gives you break downs of different hair styles.

FullSizeRender 6


3. If you love animals you will love The Black Jaguar and White tiger foundation which is basically the snapchat account of the owner, Eduardo Serio who shares snaps of all these gorgeous endangered animals and the foundation is also for such a great cause!

FullSizeRender 5



4. PR and now “Food GOD” and Kim Kardashian’s bestie has also made my list. Mr Jonathan Cheban. He is always snapping his luxurious life, from the fancy hotels he stays in to his newest rolex. Lately he started calling himself the “Food God” because he eats these insanely sweet or different foods.

FullSizeRender 4


5. Obviously a Kardashian/ Jenner had to make the list. Yes Kylie Jenner. I actually love her snaps, even when they are mostly of her singing along to songs. Sometimes she also talks about things like her tweets which I personally think makes her seem more down to earth. My personal favourite things she does on her snaps are her little vines with her friends/family of all the rumours going on about her.

FullSizeRender 2


Let me know if you add any of them or if you have any faves and since we are on the topic #addme 🙂 xx

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