Anxiety Shmaniexty

Hi friends 🙂

Lately I have been seeing sooo many memes or posts about Anxiety and took it as a sign to write a little post about it.

One video I saw was by a Radio Presenter, Heidi Anderson reading her article out loud on radio for everyone to hear. I was actually driving to work that morning and got goosebumps listening and could really empathize with her and it really inspired me to write this article.

A few years ago, while studying a course my lecturer told me I had depression, so I went to a therapist and took a test, I didn’t have depression but most definitely had anxiety. Which actually made soo much sense.

I often think back on my past friendships with people and think did that friendship end because of my anxiety or did we just grow apart. Even friendships I have now… I am VERY lucky to have honest friends who tell me how it is and still want to see me and I really appreciate when they tell me ” you need to relax and stop over thinking, because by overthinking and worrying it creates something that wasn’t there but now is, which can ruin a friendship and friendships shouldn’t be hard, you either click or don’t”. So thank you to my friends that do that, y’all know who you are.

Since that talk with my friends I have tried to cut down on being anxious but here are probably the top 4 that I still struggle with….

Phone calls 

I have always HATED answering the phone, when my friends call I don’t answer even when I am free because what about if I sound like a man. Now being a receptionist, I HAVE to pick up the phone and the first thought I have when they hang up is “shit they didn’t go well, they are going to think I am a schmuck”

Social Media

 Maybe I am the only one that gets anxious about this and overthinks but whenever I post something, I worry “what happens if nobody likes it”, “they are all going to think I am a try hard” and god forbid one of my close friends doesn’t “like” my post, “well they obviously don’t see me as a good friend”, “are they embarrassed to like my stuff because other people will see they liked it” , “they like other people’s posts but not mine” “why”. Clearly I could go on.

Loud music

Sometimes when driving or even when I am the gym, I like to pretend I am Kylie (kidding), blasting Drake, Tyga and Beyoncé but constantly turn the volume down at the lights or always take my headphones off to check if people are giving me any weird looks.


A lot of people tell me I am a social person. I think I can agree. I feel I am easy to talk to but every time there is an event, I am nervous, even when I know most people there.

Is it just me or do people have similar thoughts, let me know what you think 🙂

In the past few years I have met and spoke to soo many people with anxiety. Unfortunately you can’t cure anxiety but honestly talking about it is one of the best things you can do.That is how I found out about how to treat my anxiety.

Some ways I have helped my anxiety are :

  • colouring in – there is just something so relaxing about it
  • listening to calm music
  • meditating
  • exercising – I am trying to be healthy and when I do have those healthy days and go to the gym after a shitty day, I feel 5ooo times better
  • speaking about it, either to friends or proffesionals

You can also call LifeLine on 13 11 14 and there will always be sometime to help you ❤



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