The life of a people pleaser

Back in the day when I studied events, I befriended a girl that was a few years younger than me but was soo beyond her years, we instantly became friends for our passion for events and fashion and she, even though was quite younger than me would always give me fabulous advice, she would constantly tell me to stop being a push over and a people pleaser and you know what, she was so right!

I was the biggest people pleaser, for years, I wanted to make sure everyone loved me, no matter how much of a bitch they were.

Here are some of the embarrassing things I have done to please people:

  1. Whenever people from interstate or overseas come over I would message them first and coordinate plans, so they don’t forget about me.
  2. I would text people to ask them to hang out when we basically didn’t have anything in common but I guess I wanted them to like me.
  3. When I had to cancel on someone or was running late, I would buy them a drink too make up for that.
  4. I would say yes to things even though I really did not want to.
  5. When it was my 21st and it was invite only and people gate crashed (and they hadn’t invited me to their parties) I let them stay.

Those are some cringe worthy things, even writing them made me cringe. Thankfully some sense has kicked in and I still want people to like me, but if they don’t like me that is their loss.

Now what I do in 2016:

  1. When people from interstate or overseas come over and don’t text me to let them know they are here, yeah it hurts, because you thought you meant something to them but you can now save $5 + and they would of missed out on some laughs.
  2. Now when I have texted one person to catch up and they don’t seem keen or don’t reciprocate the enthusiasm, I wont text them and ask them to hang again, I have other friends.
  3. I don’t run late
  4. I don’t attend things that make me feel like shit.
  5. I don’t have birthday parties; I cut down on a lot of people and only have a few people in my life I can trust so just have dinners with them.

Now it may sound like I have become a bit of a bitch but not really, I just had enough, I am tired of getting upset over people that don’t care about me and rather but that energy to me and loving myself.

My friend sent me this quote the other day, which is what I will end this post with…

“As I began to love myself, my relationship with everyone changed”


p.s I know this post is a bit different to others but I hope you liked 😀



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