Opening up : Part 4

Hi friends 🙂

I wasnt going to post about this but decided to 🙂 So the other night I was feeling nostalgic looking at some photos from my 21st birthday and realised how big I actually was… I wouldn’t say I am the smallest right now but it made me feel good to actually see the change in weight loss.

As most of you know, I was gastric sleeved (in a month it would be two years!) . I always always talk about it but I’m not sorry because it is literally the best thing I have ever done. Not only in weight loss..

In the past two years I have become more sure of myself than I ever have in my whole life, which yes I know is a huge call but looking back at those photos of my 21st, I was a huge people pleaser, I invited most of those people because they were “cool” but in reality they just came for the free booze for clubbing (harsh but true) . Now looking back I kinda regret it… Oh well its in the past right 😛

Forwarding to 2016, I hang out with people who I don’t need to please and love and accept me for who I am and incredibly blessed to have them in my life ❤

Being sleeved has also changed my eating ,now most of you are probably thinking ” well duh obviously you had half your stomach removed”. Yes ok in that sense but I feel 100000000 times healthier. Not only were my portions humongous but they were also humongous in cholesterol… I used to LOVE cheddar cheese, melted, or not melted I would always have it, now unfortunately yet  fortunately I can’t eat yellow cheeses anymore and can only have the white cheeses (sometimes) . Did I mention I can’t take greasy foods, I sound like the biggest drama queen but now even if I have a bite of a KFC anything I feel sick (it’s true ask my family) which I guess is good , so everything happens for a reason right!

So yes I have lost weight, gained the power to not be a people pleaser and eat a whole lot healthier but most importantly I have gained more confidence and self-love for myself, I always used to say to people when they asked me if I was in a relationship “no , who would want to date me” and they would be like please don’t say that, now I see where they are coming from. NO MATTER what size you are you should always love yourself first and think you’re fabulous…


So to my friends and family who are reading this, HUGE HUGE thank you for ALL the support you have given me, from compliments to health tips , it all means the world to me ❤

I have to say this again because at the WAFA’S I bumped into someone I used to study radio with and the first thing that person said to me was “Oh what are you doing here, music I understand but Fashion” ( that did hurt me a little but don’t worry I threw some shade) so to all my fashion friends whom I have been blessed to become friends with these past few years, it truly means the world to me ❤





this is just another transformation …





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