Soo I deactivated my Facebook account for a few days…

aka Confessions of a Facebook addict

Hope you are all having a fabulous Easter weekend! I am 🙂

On Friday afternoon, I decided to take a little break from Facebook. As I was meeting a few girls a few days later,I messaged them to let me know the plans and to text me because I was deactivating  my account. A few of them messaged me asking me if I was ok because I AM ALWAYS ON FACEBOOK. Ok,not always but I am always liking things, interested in events, sharing things, so one way or another you will see me on your news feed (unless you have hidden me :P)

In all honesty I didn’t have the best day on Friday which could have triggered my decision but I was also very tired which tends to bring out the inner drama queen in me 😛

It is now 11:24 pm on a Saturday night which makes it officially over 24 hours! Which for me IS HUGE! in the past I have deactivated for a few hours (maybe 2 or 3 ) and reactivated but now I don’t really feel the need to…yet.

Of course I have had some withdrawals, like this morning… when I wake up I usually make coffee and scroll through my news feed, but not this morning. I actually got some stuff done which made me happy.

Then I went out for dinner.Sometimes when I go out for dinner, I would check in with my friend and take a picture of the food or of ourselves. We did none of that tonight and it was ok. We still had soo much fun.

I think the hardest for me today was after coming home from dinner, usually after an event or something, I wind down by watching snapchats, going on instagram and then facebook… tonight it was just snap and instagram. So I decided to write this post instead 🙂

Something I have learnt in these past few hours are, that deactivating Facebook is a good thing sometimes. I have had so much time for myself and I find I actually have less anxiety somehow. It has also made me be more in the moment when hanging out with family or friends, not constantly signing in to see who has liked my posts or messaged me.

I think I had to be dramatic and actually deactivate my account because I don’t think I have the willpower to not go on facebook for 24 hours. Now that it is deactivated no one can like (my posts) or message me because my account doesn’t show. If it did show, I don’t think I would have the willpower to ignore those notifications, which I know is sad but true…

It is now 12:03 AM on Sunday, time to head to bed but will keep you posted on how I go without Facebook today… lol I sound like I just came back from rehab. SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN #sorrynotsorry

So now it is 16:49 on Sunday and I am updating you on how my day has been. This morning was good, woke up,  went on snap and then insta and then headed out for the day. I caught up with some friends and… Somehow Facebook came up in conversation. I wasn’t the one to bring it up 😛 but my friends were speaking about something that was going on which automatically made me want to sign in and see what was going on BUT I DIDN’T, got to keep strong 😛

I guess from that, I learnt, Facebook WILL ALWAYS BE THERE, that post they were talking about WILL ALWAYS BE THERE, so why not live in the moment, continue the conversation and check that thing out in a few days when I reactivate.

17:15 Haven’t left to go to the fam yet but thinking about reactivating right now (insert monkey covering eyes emoji)

Update: So it is now 20:37 pm on Sunday and decided to reactivate tonight (haven’t done it yet) but pretty proud that I have lasted a whole 48 hours, well just over. For me that is huge.

It was really nice to wind down and have a little break,  I really think it was good to have some time to myself. I will probably do this again soon and recommend (if you’re an addict like me) to take a break sometimes.

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 and have a great Easter xx



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