20th Annual Western Australian Fashion Awards

Hi friends 🙂

So last night I attended the WA Annual Fashion awards and I was STRESSING!  Basically typical girl reasons… I had nothing to wear!

The theme of these awards are “Black Tie” which generally for girls means dresses… I find dresses generally don’t do much justice for me, so I was thinking in my head “shit, what am I going to wear” … after a few days, thankfully I found something and was kind or nervous/excited about it!

What do you guys think?


I decided to go with jumpsuit, from City Chic and a Kimono from Jonté Designs, I always knew I would be wearing something of Jonté’s to the awards because I LOVE her and her stuff, but never in my life did I think I would wear a jumpsuit.. I think it was the mentality I had growing up and always thinking “big girls could never wear jumpsuits”. I honestly don’t know why I thought that but from my operation and losing some (still need to lose more) weight, it has given me the confidence to try new things…

This year was all about new things, jumpsuits…I even decided to do braids! I NEVER do braids, I even told Bec from Game of Braids, that I don’t know what braids suit me because I have a round face but I am beyond glad we worked something out (Thanks Bec! )

You are going to laugh and think I am the biggest exaggerater but I kid you not, even my choice of make up was different this year, usually I tell my friend Yakira (check out her amazing work on instagram) to contour the shit out of my face and the rest natural but this year I went for a bolder look… here are some snaps:

Anyhoo, enough about me and more about the event!

Basically the night is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the success and talent of the creatives from West Australia. The awards were founded in 1996 and this year was the 20th Anniversary,which I think is soo amazing and completely love the concept.

Infact it kind of inspires me to continue styling and be in the fashion industry, because sometimes I do get caught up in the whole “Perth is too small for fashion ” then you go to awards like this and be in the same room as people who have worked with Russell James, Bridget Malcolm, Nicole Trunfio, Gemma Ward ( as you can tell I love name dropping)… who have decided to stay in Perth because they love it and believe in little fashionable Perth…

and now onto the Nominees and winners ( if any of you are reading this HUGE CONGRATS on being nominated, you are all super talented and all looked incredibly stylish 🙂

Perth Racing Stylist of the Year:

Claire Mueller

Emma Bergmeier – Varian

Teagan Sewell


Perth City Shopper’s Choice Award: 



Peter Alexander


Topshop Topman


STM Model of the year:

Amelia Brown, Scene

Chanel Caldwell, Chadwick

Claudia Todman, Chadwick

Chloe Wheatcroft, Vivien’s

Jessicca Picton- Warlow, Vivien’s

Melody Wilkinson, Scene

Nicole Harrison, Chadwick

Rosie Tupper, Vivien’s


Carillion City Photographer of the year:

Chantel Concei

Cheyne Tillier- Daly

Shift Creative


Mortgage Choice Retailer of the year:



Varga Girl


AMP Capital Emerging Designer of the year:

Alexandra King

I Love Mr Mittens

Natalie Rolt


City of Perth WA Designer of the year and Stephanie Quinlan Award Recipient:

33 Poets

Empire Rose


hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 pics from the night will be on my Facebook Page very soon and have already posted some on my instagram, so check it out

Have a good Easter or Purim, and one again, huge thank you to DGPR if you are reading this 🙂



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