You know you’re a blogger when…

Hi Friends

Hope you are all having a great week. As much as I would love to take credit for this post idea, it was actually my friend, Dani from Dash of Dani‘s idea, so thanks Dan, if you are reading this.

It’s actually such a good idea and so true! Us bloggers think a bit differently and by us I mean me, maybe other bloggers think normally but I know I don’t when I go out.

DISCLAIMER:  These thoughts have been slightly exaggerated for your entertainment

Thoughts before going out for coffee/meal:

  1. What shall I wear just in case I can ask ____ for an outfit of the day snap
  2. Should I bring my DSLR camera?
  3. Na, that may take too long, and I may miss peak hour on insta
  4. IPhone 6 it is
  5. Where shall we eat, I want to go somewhere cheap but the food must be pretty so I can have the café/ breakfast in Perth regram it

When you are at the café:

  1. Wow this is a cute café, the food better be just as cute
  2. Where shall we sit, the lighting has to be good enough so you can see our food
  3. Mm I feel like a long black but about if they do coffee art, they always do the prettiest coffee art on cappuccinos and flat whites.

When the food arrives:

  1. I am soo hungry but I NEED a good pic for social media.
  2. * Takes several pics of the food in different angles
  3. Do you think my friend would mind if I stand up and take a picture of our food?
  4. It’s 1030, that’s a pretty good time on insta, maybe I will quickly edit on VSCO and then post on insta and Facebook
  5. Great my food is cold but I got 90 likes on my food so that’s ok

When attending an event:

  1. What should I wear, I LOVE BLACK but if I want to be featured in the West I should wear colour because apparently they don’t shoot you unless you wear colour
  2. I should leave now, so the media wall won’t be too crowded #morephotoops
  3. Should I schlep my DSLR, the pics would turn out in much better quality but then that means I have to take a bigger bag because It won’t fit in my clutch
  4. *Whilst walking to event, ooh this is a nice wall, can we stop to take some outfit of the day/night snaps?
  5. MAKE SURE TO SNAPCHAT EVERYTHING even though all your friends will probably tap through and you will be the only one watching your own story (Sorry not sorry)

That’s all the thoughts I usually have, I don’t think other bloggers do and if they do yay twinsies 😛

here are some pics I have taken when being the ultimate blogger…

FullSizeRender 9IMG_8362


hope you all liked this post 🙂 let me know your thoughts xx



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