Make up free?

Hi friends,

So I have been wanting to write about something like this for a while now but haven’t had time/ didn’t know what I was going to say exactly in the post but now I think I have it.

If you are friends with me, you will know that I LOVE make up, I love make up vloggers and I have friends who are in fact make up artists. By having such a love for make up you would think I am good at doing make up, well let me tell you, I am not. I wish I was but I cant contour or strobe to save my life, I cant even draw my eyeliner in properly, last year a friend had to teach me how to use a stencil to shape my eyebrows (you should of seen them the first few times, oy vey)

So basically I have given up on trying to be a glam queen and embrace the “natural look”. Purely because I am hopeless at make up.

Then funnily enough, articles starting popping up on social media from women in fashion who don’t always wear make up, which I thought was very rare considering my idols are the Kardashians, who let’s be honest literally have make up artists at their beckoned call.

Here is one of the articles I read from one of my fave bloggers, Leandra from Man Repeller:, she says in the article someone describes her, as “She is ugly as fuck tho Truly a man repeller.” Which Leandra, if you are reading this (I WISH) I don’t think you are ugly I think you are beautiful, I think every woman is beautiful without make up and should embrace it more 🙂

Then I found another little article, which was also slightly relatable:

And as DJ Khaled would say “another one”:

To be honest I didn’t know who those last two ladies were but what I learnt from all these articles and why I wanted to write this post, was to the girls who don’t wear make up but feel they have to, or like me, terrible at make up, just embrace what you have, until you have enough money to turn your face into a younger version of Angelina Jolie (kidding)

and If you do love wearing make up, embrace that too! whatever makes you happy 😀

Hope you liked this post , let me know your thoughts

x o




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