Sometimes I am super corny and this may be another one of those moments… Sorry not sorry 😛

I thought since it’s basically the end of the year and I am going away soon, I thought I would reflect and share my thoughts on the year that was 2015 🙂

I don’t think I had many expectations for this year which is probably why is was such a good year for me… that’s probably the key (as DJ Khaled my new obsession would say “the key to success…) to have no expectations…


So as most of you know, this year I interned at Jonté Designs and learnt SOO much, from Jonté and her family, I wrote in a few posts back but Jonté and her family are probably some of the nicest people I know and have taught me to be stronger in the fashion world and for that I will be forever grateful.

Through interning at Jonté, I met a tonne of people and have had the chance to collaborate with them and have made new friends, so if any of those people are reading this THANK YOU for believing in me and giving me a chance, means a lot.

Body and Mind

I am quite open about my gastric sleeve, I had about a year ago and love talking about it because it has helped me so much… Eating wise I am 1000 times healthier then what I used to be and I feel happier now that I don’t eat what I used to eat. Lately I have even been cutting down on my milk and been drinking Ice Long Blacks (thank you Val for introducing me to my new fave drink: P) and honestly eating healthier and exercise really does make you feel so much happier (two years ago I probably would have never said that)

The weight loss and being happier have also helped An LOT with my confidence, several people this year have told me, how I have become so much more confident since the first time they met me, which means the world to me.

Blogging and Styling

I also think from loosing some weight and gaining more confidence I have now felt more comfortable being able to attend events I don’t think I would of in the past. (You can even ask my friends, they will back this up)

By attending those events, I get my name out there so people know who I am and I can tell them I have a blog and that’s actually how I have done some of my styling collaborations by meeting people at events and discussing future projects!

Peaks and Pits of the Year

Some of you may know where this phrase comes from… THE KARDASHIANS: P also known as Highs and Lows of the day (if you were in a youth movement like me) is basically where you share a positive and negative story about your day (I’m changing it up to the year)


  • One of my major peaks was 10000% working for Jonté and her family
  • I’ve learnt that people I have respected and admired FOR YEARS actually know who I am now, you all know about the Stormie Mills moment but a few nights ago I bumped into the stunning Elle Demasi and she actually came up to me and said hi… MINDBLOWN. (I honestly don’t mean it in a bragging way, I still get so shocked by it)
  • Felt lucky to meet some amazing people this year and make some new friends, in and out of the fashion world


  • Meeting and working with some people I thought were cool but by the way, they treated me and other assistants made me upset
  • Realising that I let people into my lives way to early and see us as friends but that’s not necessarily how they see it.

Lol super sorry for the honesty but that’s one thing I’ve learnt, BE HONEST


Plans for 2016:

  • Attend more art and music events
  • Collaborate with some awesome creatives
  • Meet the Kardashians/ Jenners

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your plans for 2016 are and what your peaks and pits of the year were






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