TPFF – WA Designer Runway 1

Last night I attended my first Perth Fashion Festival show for the year, so my anxiety was running much higher than usual: p worrying about a gazillion things, like “what am I going to wear, ” where will I park” and “will people I know be there”, you know those type of things.

Obviously it turned out well and I stressed way too much (like always)

So this is what I wore, this year I thought I would go with black (because it’s so unlike me to wear black) so pulled this outfit together, thoughts?

my hair looked a bit yuck in that photo but here is a snap of earlier that day when I had it done… #feltlikekhloekardashian


and now onto the fashion show…


Ange lang
Ange lang
Karolina Couture Lingerlie
Karolina Couture Lingerlie
Sab Five Five
Sab Five Five
Sab Five Five
CDQ Designs
CDQ Designs
Intimates by Monique
Intimates by Monique
Intimates by Monique
Intimates by Monique

more pictures are up on my facebook page:

All in all it was a great night and I literally had no reason to be anxious beforehand 😛

Bring on tonight! (blog post about tonight’s show will be up tomo)

have a great day xx


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