Outfit of the day – Slogan shirts

Hi friends 🙂

I actually wanted to get your opinion on this whole slogan shirt thing. I know some people in the fashion industry will frown upon it but others wouldn’t and thats totes ok 🙂

Personally I love slogan shirts, my reason is because I feel like they are such simple things with a bit of humour or edge. I guess I started wearing some slogan shirts after some of my style icons like Khloe Kardashian and Charlotte (From Geordie Shore) starting wearing them (mainly the “Homies or Feline shirts by Brian Lichtenberg.

Then I started seeing Khloe wear more funny slogan shirts like “Bed, Bath and Beyonce from companies such as (Shop Private Party) http://shopprivateparty.com/ and I had to get in on this new trend.

Now I have MANY slogan shirts and sometimes people notice, sometimes they don’t but when they do it is always a good laugh.

Here is one of my most recent ones: SMELLS LIKE THE ONLY NIRVANA SONG YOU KNOW (rest of my outfit is ASOS & Nike)

FullSizeRender 7

My other slogan shirts include

  • Aint Laurent without Yves
  • Celine Me Alone
  • Too Glam to give a Damn
  • I’m a lot cooler on the internet

Quite a lot right: P

I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t purchase any more but they are soo damn funny!

Anways have a great weekend

X o


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