Intern Life

Hi friends 🙂

so yesterday I was going through my Linkedin profile ( LOL) and realised I had been interning at Jonté Designs for over 7 months now and have not actually written much about it… Well now I am 🙂

My friend always says to me that I am living my life, like one of my fave tv shows “The Hills” and I always laugh because that is possibly one of the best things you can say to me because I have idolised Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Audrina… ok basically the whole cast.

I don’t think I am (as much as I wish I was as flawless and had a cool nickname like LC or LO) but I do love interning and not just saying this because there is a chance Jonté and her fam are reading this 😛

No but honestly interning for a fashion designer is soo much fun and I have been extremely fortunate to be able to work for the nicest people in the world… no literally they give me free, UNLIMITED coffee and a few other things…

Some may ask what I actually do at Jonté Designs, well there are a few of us interns, my job role is to do some PR/Marketing/ Social Media so I run her twitter and have recently just made an instagram account for Michelle Pike’s gorgeous Illustrations (@mp_illustration). I also do other things like updating her data base and organising the showroom.

I also get to see sneak peaks of her new collection and I got to see her new website (which you should all check out

Not only have I been enjoying doing social media but I also have learnt quite a few new thinks, like ironing and folding clothing, I am not even joking, I lit really had no idea how to do that before I started interning 😛

Cannot wait to see what I learn in the next few months 🙂



    1. Hey! I knew Jontè beforehand and always saw her at events, but her friend and now my friend, Jess actually told me she was looking for a intern for PR, so I messaged her and she said yes! Meeting people in the industry and getting to work with amazing new creatives 😊


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