Opening up Part 3

Hi friends 🙂 As some of you know, I had a gastric sleeve about a year and a week ago 😛 and last week I posted a picture on my personal facebook page sharing my transformation photo, which made me incredibly overwhelmed and happy because of all the love and support I got.

Anyways this blog post is I guess an extension of my last post about opening about this whole thing and also inspired by a blog post I read from “The Organised Housewife” (

Firstly I just wanted to say, I am extremely appreciative that I was fortunate enough to have this operation, yes sometimes I am very hard on myself and say things like “well I only lost the weight because of the operation I had” which is incredibly negative, instead I should be looking at it as it was a tool for my weight loss and I have lost weight and am happier than I have ever been and more confident.

Although there are some things that I had to adapt to, such as eating out ,in the past when I did eat out I would eat a normal meal, have a fizzy drink and a coffee which isn’t healthy, now I can’t drink and eat at the same time, which is probably for the best. I also cannot eat a lot at all, I would say I eat maybe just less than an entrée size, it’s funny because when i go out with friends they still aren’t used to it and they are like “come on now, have another bite” but I literally can’t, and if I do over eat I vomit (sis, I know).

To be honest I am still not used to it and always order main meals but can never eat it, so my friends usually, I say it’s the perks out eating out with me 😛 Another new thing is burping, I am not too sure if it’s from all the fizzy drinks I used to have but now I burp a lot 😦 hopefully it will go away!

Vommiting (gross topic i know but informative if anyone is thinking about having this operation) my mother who also had the op NEVER vomits but my dad and I do, I have asked my dietician about it and she said it’s either because we eat too much, eat too fast or the food does not agree with us, which I am slowly learning, I know for me now I can’t eat deep friend food like KFC or steak because it does not agree at all.

The funny thing about this whole operation is now I actually love exercise, crazy I know! before I would think of any excuse not to do it but now I think it’s fun, especially resistance training, I don’t go everyday still but slowly, slowly working on it.

The one thing that has affected me the most on this whole process and when you read it, you are going to roll your eyes but it’s the effect I have had on my hair 😦 and I was warned about it but I didn’t think it would actually happen, but now basically because of the “rapid” amount of weight loss and my body not used to it, my hair has become A LOT thinner and weaker ( so if anyone has any tips on how to make my hair healthier please let me know )

I hope you guys liked this post, please message me if you have other questions on it or want me to stop talking about it 😛 x o x o


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