Opening up Part 2

Hey lovely readers

This is just a follow up post from my previous post a few weeks ago “Opening up” where I told you all that I had a gastric sleeve. I thought I would write this post and share some pictures of my progress (even though I am super scared) because I am very hard on myself and don’t get proud of myself very often but in this caseΒ I am proud of myself and yes even though I did get the sleeve to trigger my weight loss, I have also been eating a LOT healthier than before and going to gym, which I used to hate.

Anyhoo, Β since that post I have lost another 2 and a bit kg (in total and have a few more months to go before I plateau, so I need to work EXTRA hard! ( please feel free to comment and give me fitness tips in the comment section) and I think people are noticing I am loosing weight, Β for an example, the other night when I attended the WA Fashion Awards, my beautiful friend, who did my make up, is always so sweet and tells me every time she sees me, I get smaller but then even later that night, so many people in the Perth Fashion Industry like photographers, designers and other bloggers complimented me which made me more confident and motivated (sorry if this is super braggy, I dont mean it to be) and then even on facebook, I have received a few emails and comments from family and friends complimenting me, so if any of you are reading this A HUGE HUGE H UGE THANK YOU! your compliments and kind words mean the world to me and only motivate me more to get to my goal.

Anyways here are some snaps of my progress


This photo is from me about a year go and now, the before photo is when I was at my heaviest and the second photo is a very recent photo


I thought I would also share this photo, from the last few months,the first photo is from the Perth Fashion Festival I attended last year and the second is another Perth Fashion Festival Event I attended a few months later

anyways, I really hope you guys liked this post and again sorry if it was super braggy.

Thank you to all my beautiful family and friends again for your support, and hopefully I will loose another 25kg!

much love




  1. Hi Ands you look really great. “Confidence and motivation” are some of the rewards. It does get slower towards your goal as you begin to plateau, gym will be a very good comeback. Glad you are more friendly with gym – another benefit of the progress.

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  2. Maintain that positive spirit and no harm In giving yourself pats on the back… You deserve every compliment. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars ⭐️⭐️

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