Opening up

Hello lovely readers,

this blog post is yet another personal post, not only is my blog about fashion, coffee and food but also on my personal story of weight loss, that I would like to share with you 🙂

As some of you know a few months ago I got a sleeve gastrectomy which is where they basically cut of two-thirds of your stomach , leaving you with a tiny stomach to lose weight!


I got this done 6 months ago and it was honestly the best choice I have ever made, so far I have only lost 24 kg ( hoping to lose quite a bit more) but believe it or not, I still can’t believe I had it done.  I am always so shocked and grateful when people I havent seen in a while or my close friends and family compliment me on my weight loss.

I also think some of my friends still can’t believe I got it done, like the other day, I was out with one of my friends, who knows I have had the operation and has said she can notice I have lost weight but still didn’t believe that I can eat so little, literally a third of a proper meal! I am always so embarrassed when the waiter/waitress collects my food and it looks like I have barely touched it, it’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just I literally could not eat it all.

Which is why I am slowly learning to order entre sizes rather than ordering a full meal, because its makes me look somewhat more normal and makes my bank account a little happier 🙂

Another thing I have found since having this op, is that I am generally MUCH healthier than I was before, in all honesty before my operation I did eat junk food but not that much, I basically didn’t exercise and having polyscitsic ovary syndrome did not help. I know I am not a skinny minny yet but now I cannot eat anything greasy  without feeling absolutely disgusting and having terrible heartburn and now I love going to the gym! which I never thought I would say, I think now that I am loosing weight I am more motivated and can see the change.

I will post another update soon, if you guys liked this one, I just thought I would be more open and share this journey with you guys, if you have any questions or advice please let me know 🙂

and have a great day

x o x o


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