New Year, new hair

Me again 🙂 I am so impressed with myself, 3 consecutive posts, THIS NEVER HAPPENS! anyways for a while now, since I lost 23 kg ( in a few posts above) (will hopefully lose some more) I decided its time to change some of my look, starting with my hair.

I saw that’s a few celebs were getting this cut, called the LOB (long bob) and I immediately fell in love with it. I decided to get it done while in South Africa, because its way cheaper there, so I told one of my friends to book for me.

She booked at this place called “Scar” which was apparently one of the best hairdressers in Cape Town, so I was like yah, sure book it.

Finally the day came! you have no idea how excited I was and how this place really lives up to its reputation. (I wish I took some snaps of the place, it was so edgy and trendy)

My hairdresser was Jenni, such a lovely lady and very experienced ( she has been working at Scar for over 6 years). She immediately came up to me, welcomed my friend and myself and introduced herself. I then told her what I wanted to get done and she gave me her advice. I honestly cannot believe how amazing and informing she was, my friend and I learnt so much about hair that day.

One of the things I learnt was, there is a difference between balayage and ombre and there are a few other names, look-see…


I thought that was pretty cool, and this is my before and after pic


and me 🙂


Not only was the service spectacular, but the price! They were so cheap, if the owner of Scar ever reads this, please open a salon in Australia 🙂

Like Scar’s page on facebook @

much love

x o x o


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