My trip to the Motherland

As some of you know (from my gazillion instagram posts and shame if your friends with me on facebook, all my pictures I uploaded) I was on holiday in South Africa for the last month.

Holidaying for a whole month, seems like a long time but I really wished I stayed longer.This was my first time going back to the country I was born in, since I emigrated 12 years ago.

Our Journey started off in Johannesburg (the city I was born), we (my family) were there for a week and stayed at family friends, it was really enjoyable staying at a house rather than hotel, I just found that I could settle more.

I think that week was the busiest week my life had ever been, since we stepped off the plane, we had plans, literally every day, (don’t worry I wont tell you my whole itinerary  because let’s be honest who cares 😛 but will give you some highlights) that night we arrived, my family friends hosted a dinner and some of my very close friends who I basically spent my childhood were there, it was so lovely to see them, the next few days we did some touristy things and spent some time with my family and meeting some new family members which was amazing.Here are some snaps…

Our next stop was another place I spent most of my childhood, the beautiful Kruger National Park, if you have kids or love animals and want to get away, I highly recommend visiting this gorgeous place.

After the Kruger, we went to small, yet stunning place called Hermanus, we stayed at our cousins place which was amazing and we probably drove them bonkers but the week was really good just bonding,relaxing and lots of cups of coffee (they had a nespresso, so how could I resist!)

Our last stop was Cape Town, which is actually incredible! we did similar things to what we did in Joburg (see family, friends, etc). We didn’t however do all the touristy things, don’t get me wrong, we went up Table Mountain, went to Charly’s Bakery so I am not complaining but since Cape Town was voted one of the best places to visit and it was holiday season you can imagine how timildic it was.

all in all, it was a fabulous vacation, I miss all my beautiful family and friends dearly but I am also happy to be back in gorgeous Perth and get back into routine 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed my blog post

much love

x o x o


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