I have always loved travelling, there is just something about packing and leaving the city you live in, for a few weeks, that just makes me so happy.

Although in all honesty, the last international country I visited was, four years ago, maybe that is why I am so excited to go away on Thursday.

Yep, so I am leaving on Thursday night and visiting the country I was born in, South Africa, I will be visiting a few cities : Johannesburg, Sun City, Kruger National Park and Cape Town and I am EXTREMELEY anxious, excited, scared, happy and overwhelmed.

I probably sound like the biggest drama queen but I think why I am so excited/nervous (all those other feelings I listed above) is because well, it’s the first time I am visiting in 12 years, I will be seeing some very old school friends, and worried what we will talk about ( a lot has changed in 12 years) and how much money I will spend đŸ˜›

Which is kind of why I wanted to write this post, do you guys have any suggestions of where to go, where to eat, or what to buy? and do you guys love or hate travelling?

anyways my blog may be a bit quiet because I will be away but I will definitely write a blog post about my trip when I am back but there is a chance I could write another post in an hour or tomorrow, so keep an eye out on this page đŸ™‚

x o x o


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