Revolution The Label’s in collaboration with Stylespiration brings you “Somewhere Only We Know”

Last night I got to attend a VIP showcasing of my beautiful friends Ben (Designer) and Mikey (Stylist) latest collaboration. I was very excited to see this launch not only because they are my friends but they are honestly some of the most stylish people I know! Some of there outfits they wear are so simple yet edgy which is what I LOVE and kind of the style I want to go for.

The launch was held in the Bayview Shopping centre, which is where their shop is, which you should all check out if you live in Perth! The actual shop like the clothing was very chic and minimalistic ( I think thats the right word) I wish I took more pictures of the shop but the main colours are very monochromatic with some beautiful plants which give it that simple pop of colour! and the clothes were just to die for! honestly I think I loved every single item.

What I love about Revolution The Label’s clothes are first of all they are all black, white or black and white, which if you know me are my staple colours, they are very flattering and with good cuts, my personal favourites are the shirts that kind of have a high low shape to it ( hopefully you know what I mean)

here are some pictures of the night (they arent the best because they are off my iphone but just focus on the stunning models and clothes:

IMG_2444_2 IMG_2449 IMG_2451 IMG_2453 IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2463 IMG_2466 IMG_2481IMG_2480 603711_382876675201711_2972978505117902032_n

for more information or just love Ben’s style head to or follow him on instagram @revolutionthelabel and if you want styling consultations or just love Mikey’s style head to and follow him on instagram @stylespiration

P.S Ben and Mikey, if you read this, thanks for inviting me, will see you soon, love ya both



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