Top 5 best coffee places in Perth

Hi loyal readers,

I first wanted to apologise for my lack of posting but I promise to try post as much as I can 🙂 and this post will be worth your while if you LOVE coffee.


So over the years I have sort of got the reputation of knowing all the coffee places of Perth,  basically because I am always checking in at places or instgaramming my coffee and have had a few people ask me where to grab a coffee from cool places in Perth, which honestly is such an ego booster 😛

What makes a coffee shop one of the best hot spots?

Whenever I go to a coffee place I always not intentionally but end up critiquing it on 3 main things:

Presentation – Venue

Customer Service

Their specialities

Presentation – Coffee

For “Presentation” you may notice I have it twice, I split it up into two, half for the venue and half for the presentation of the coffee and each rating is out of 5.

Lets cut the chase already:

1 . Milkd


I have been going to Milkd for a few years now, mainly the one in North Perth but they are also based in Subiaco and Maylands. What I love most about Milkd is their presentation, in every one of their stores they have a painting by West Australian street artist Stormie Mills so they always get a 4/5 for venue. For customer service I give a 5/5 , not only are they all very “cool” looking they also are very friendly which I find is not always easy to find at “trendy” cafes. When ordering I usually get lattes or cappuccinos, which are always the perfect temperature, what I also like is they have a drink called “coldies” which is basically coffee and ice rather than ordering the ice coffee and asking for no ice cream etc. For coffee presentation I give 3/5, the coffee art they do is pretty but sometimes when I have had a cappuccino the powder gets a bit too messy.


2. Litte Willy’s

Ever since I started studying in Northbridge I have been visiting this place and always find my way back there. One of the things I love about this place is, it’s very quirky looking,  when you walk into the store there are some cool tables and chairs with chalkboards with the menu of drinks and they have a collage of pictures which I alway love looking at, so for presentation they get a 5/5. For customer service, they also get a 5/5,  because they are so friendly, I usually get take away orders and I remember one time when I was feeling sick but needed my coffee fix the kind barista brought my coffee to me, which just made my day a little bit better. Their specialities are really everything, some of my favourite things to order are short macchiatos or their non alcoholic apple cider in winter. The presentation of the coffee I would give is 5/5 because the takeaway cups are so different and a somewhat painting on it, which I thought was cool as well as when you order in, the coffee art is always different and pretty to look at.

3. Tea for TU


Originally this coffee shop was just a shop and gallery but now thank g-d , they have opened a coffee shop. This place is also based in Northbrigde and you can enter through William Street or on the street where the club “Canvas” is located. One of the things I love about this place is, you could spend hours in this shop, have a coffee, go look at some art pieces and then have a look at the clothing! what more could you want!! so for presentation of the venue it definitely is a 5/5. For customer service is 5/5, the staff are really nice that work there and always make and effort to make conversation which is always great. Some of their specialities are chai lattes, hibiscus and vanilla hot or cold tea and lattes. The presentation of the coffee I would give is 5/5, their take away cups are cute and whenever you have a coffee or tea there they are served on vintage plates, which I love.

4. Shots on Lake Street

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.35.54 pm

When I was studying, this was my go to coffee shop. For venue presentation I would give it 3/5, its pretty and has that homey feel which is always nice and they always have a quote of the day which is cute. Since I would go here literally every week for 2 years the staff know who I am and have always been really friendly so for customer service I give 3/5. I give 3 only because (might I add for a silly reason but would have been good) is because I have been going there for so long and I would of thought the staff all knew my order because I was a regular and I didn’t have to say my order again and again. Their specialities are cappuccinos. For presentation of the coffee I give 3/5, I always liked how the take away cups were just plain white with their logo stamped on it.

5. Addison and Steele



This coffee shop has only been opened for a few months and already has been a big hit, literally from the second they opened. Its located on Fitzgerald Street in a very corporate (in my opinion) building, when you go inside there is this cool old coffee machine and then on the other side is a coffee tasting counter, so for presentation I give a 5/5 because not only does it look cool but its decorated with coffee related things. I have only been there a few times but whenever I have the staff have always been friendly so for customer service I give a 3/5. Their specialities are EVERYTHING really and for presentation of the coffee I give 5/5, it looks very professionally made and served with actual coffee spoons which I didn’t know actually existed.


I hope you liked my reviews 🙂 please let me know what you think



**all images are taken from the sites listed below**

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  1. Great post! I occasionally pop into the milkd in North Perth when I’m in the area but haven’t had the chance to visit the others. Have heard many good things of tea for tu.


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I haven’t been to the Milkd in Subi but the one in Maylands is also pretty good 🙂 do you have any other recommendations ?


    2. As a frequent customer of Cantina 663 in Mt Lawley, I tend to go there for their coffee (they use beans from 5 senses) or Cuppa Joe in North Perth when we need an emergency coffee run as they’re a bit closer to home. Cuppa Joe also specialise in red espresso (where they use fine rooibos leaves and pop them through the machine like regular ground coffee, then finish the shot with milk like a regular coffee) xx


    3. I do love Cantina and the staff are a lot friendlier then they used to, ohhh Cuppa Joe sounds delicious, I may have to give that a try 🙂 thank you for your recommendation xx


  2. Excellent post! I’ve already had my morning brew, however will look forward to visiting some of these places when I have the time. I more than agree with you on the need for friendly customer service. There are some places that have their employees do the standard service of serving the drink and leaving, while there are other places that take customer service to the next level. I’ve written about one of my experiences about it as well: The employee didn’t create any long conversation with me, however their actions did speak louder than words. Thought I should share, and thank you for sharing as well!


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