Something a little more personal…

Hello lovely readers,

I am sorry for my lack of blogging (which will all be explained in a second).So for some of you, who have been following me before my blog was called “Fashion addicted panda” you will know my reasons for having a blog which was inspiring people who don’t have much confidence to go and catch their dreams. You would also know I had a lap band.

I now have taken my lap band out (because it didn’t work, sometimes that happens 😦 my surgeon says its not as popular anymore) and recently (about a month ago) got a sleeve gastractomy, which is essentially the same concept as the lap band or gastric bypass, its just you have 2 thirds of your stomach taken out while the others are a bit different.

I wasn’t going to write a blog post about this and I didn’t tell a lot of my friends because I was embarrassed that my lap band didn’t work but I now understand why it didn’t work and wanted to share my story incase there are others like me, and to answer any questions.

I decided to get this procedure done because I have always been very self conscious about my weight and because of that I am not the most confident person, but what I have realised while volunteering and working in the Perth fashion industry is, that everyone is really nice and friendly and have their own things going on.

I just wanted to write this post to thank all my family and friends who have supported me through this on going process and if any one is considering getting this procedure done and wants to ask me any questions about what I can eat, how much weight will I loose and in how long or whatever, I am happy to and if there are no questions I will keep writing about fashion and events 🙂

hope you enjoyed this post and have a good day/night





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