Styling a photoshoot for Scarlet Runway and Soda Online

Hello everyone 🙂

I was meant to write this blog a while ago but haven’t had any time (kind of thought i wrote it already, silly me) anyways last Sunday morning (9th Feb) I was given the opportunity to style and dress the models for a photo shoot thanks to the amazing Tina Lee.

It was a short shoot, only two models, a photographer, Tina, myself and my friend Yakira (who just graduated in events at ACAE). The morning started at a nine o’clock at a studio in the city and went for about 4 hours… I think maybe a bit less.

The beginning of the shoot we started doing looks mainly for SODA (which is all Australian designers) with the face of SODA, the gorgeous Michelle Lake (who is also running for miss universe and you should all vote for her because she is not only stunning but also one of the nicest and best people to work with, you can vote for her here  and all we had to do was chose what accessories she would wear with the dresses provided.

When my lovely friend Yvonne came to model, I kind of helped her more and Yakira dressed and styled Michelle just because it was easier. Yvonne’s shoots were for Scarlet Runway (which is all West Australian Designers) and some of the clothing she wore was Cenote Swimwear, Jonte and a few others.

Here are some pictures of the day 🙂

image 2 image image 4 image 8 image 9 image 10 image 12 image 13

to buy clothing made by West Australian Designers, head to and for national Australian designers,

hope you all have a good week xxx


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