Melbourne Cup Races

I am not one that usually attends Melbourne Cup races,purely because I am poor and on a student budget 😦  This year however I did attended and managed to run a fashion show by the amazing Petra Vanessie, who also gave me this amazing opportunity. ( Thanks again Petra if you ever read this)

A lovely girl called Morgan also helped manage the show, because I don’t ever think I could manage it by myself at this moment.Morgan was amazing she did more of the logistics sort of stuff ,while I styled some of the models and took some pictures, which I will post below 🙂

The majority of the models were Central Institute of Technology girls and studying Diploma of Event Management, just like me, so it was really fun having to style my friends who all looked amazing!


IMG_9795 IMG_9868 IMG_9880 IMG_0049 IMG_0054



For more amazing dresses, head to Petra’s website

and for the lovely headpieces by Olivia from Studio Olive head to


x o x o


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