Perth Fashion Festival

So last week I worked at Perth Fashion Festival for the first time in my life and it was pretty amazing. Not as glamorous as I thought but still pretty fun and met some amazing people.

I only had a few shifts has i had tafe during the week and my jewish holiday fell over the main part of the event,which was annoying but what can you do.

My first two shifts I had were gift bagging,which I will be honest,for a whole day standing and packing all these really nice products into bags and you not getting any was pretty disappointing but I did have a few great conversations with people.


My third shift was basically bump out of a fashion show held at the West Australian Museum, which was hell, I sound like such a negative nancy but I’m really not.

Our day basically consisted of cleaning up everything, even other companies mess that they were meant to clean, but its okay,I’m a pro cleaner now and I got a bottle of sparkling wine for working so hard.

That night, the last event I helped at was, the fashion show for Ellery Closing held at Linton and Key in the city, which being my first ever fashion show was pretty amazing and all I had to do that night was usher people to their seats and then enjoy the rest of the night.

she is even more stunning in person and is so sweet.

So yeah all in all an interesting experience.

much love xx




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